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In which I meet someone who knows a lot, learn interesting things, and then do the Scotch connoisseur’s equivalent of a face-plant. Not literally. Though given the Scotch drinking part, that might also have been a possibility.

A couple weeks ago I posted about tasting a $660 bottle of Scotch with Peter Gordon, the chairman of the company that makes Glenfiddich (William Grant & Sons). That interview was one of the highlights of my November. The article I wrote about the experience of tasting Scotch with an expert just came out and I’m pretty proud of it. If you want to know what I learned about Scotch, or how I totally embarrassed myself at the end of what was mostly a great interview, you can check it out here.


Today I tasted a $660/bottle Scotch. It was kind of amazing.

I’m saving the details, as I will be writing an article about it, but here’s the big picture. The chairman of Glenfiddich, Peter Gordon, is currently travelling through North America,  making various stops and conducting tastings and making appearances at restaurants that are doing Scotch-pairing menus. Today he came through Edmonton, and my editor at Vue Weekly asked if I’d like to get an interview with him. Um… yes!

So I met him today and I told him I didn’t know anything about tasting whisky, and so he pulled out three different bottles of three different ages and explained them to me and I tasted Scotch with the chairman of Glenfiddich and his publicity lady and it was really, really fun.