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Hey internet, friends, and family, in that particular order! (Just kidding!) Supper in Stereo’s kitchen is back in order after a couple of months (OK, WAY longer, admittedly) of mudding, sanding, painting, pot-lighting, and procrastinating our kitchen (and living room and bedroom and excuses). Does this mean that is also back? TOTALLY… a possibility, but no promises!

But you may be happy to know we’re at least cooking again, working on our chops! Or maybe not. Whatever dudes (and family). Our budget will be happy, we’re happy, and maybe baby TBD Lynch is happy about it.

It’s just that blogging is kind of weird, you know. I like it, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes it kind of feels like boring reality TV without the TV but with the boring. I mean, recipes are good, and pictures are nice to look at, but… we’re still kinda searching for an angle. Someone recommended Supper in Threepeo. Yeah, maybe, but NO PROMISES!

So yeah, add us to your feed reader, bug us if you like, and maybe give us a bunch of hits to encourage us, and maybe we’ll be better this time.

Look at food!