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We’re taking it easy this weekend, so no recipes today. Instead, I thought I’d point you toward a few things I’ve found interesting recently:

  • Carol Blymire, who cooked through the French Laundry Cookbook, has just started her new project, cooking through the Alinea cookbook. I’m in awe of this, because we have the book, and dude, it’s no joke.
  • If you’re curious about the experience of eating at Alinea, check out Jess Thomson at Hogwash’s article about her visit. Her hilarious piece was included in “Best Food Writing 2008.”
  • For some contrast and more about about Alinea and Grant Achatz, this New Yorker profile is fascinating, and its exploration of the way that taste and aroma function in our experience of eating is a must-read, even if you don’t care about Alinea.
  • If you’re more about the home-cook experience, leave all those chemicals alone and take a look at “How I Beat KFC’s ‘Family Meal’ Challenge.” When our friend dropped this in our inbox, she gave this money quote: “In America, if we are what we eat, most of us are fast, cheap, and easy.”

Have a good Saturday!