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I’m proud of our garden.

Rhubarb enchanted forest:

Horseradish in a pot:

Teeny tiny salad greens:

GARLIC SCAPES!! (Thrilling. For some reason it didn’t occur to me when I put garlic bulbs in last fall that garlic scapes would grow. Great, great, great surprise. And no, I’m not a genius.):

Chamomile (Here seen steeping in milk for chamomile-honey ice cream. What? Yes. It was delicious.):


Quick! Before the frost hits, harvest all of the green tomatoes left on your plants. Make sure the tomatoes aren’t touching (to prevent rot) and keep them in a dark warm spot. I stowed mine in a clementine orange box. I shoved half an egg carton inside to keep the small rolly cherry tomatoes apart. I stuck the clementine box on top of the fridge (a warm spot) and put a cardboard box over top to keep the light out. Approximately three weeks later I have ripe tomatoes.