I don’t know what’s going on, but I’ve been wide awake since 4 this morning. I gave up on sleeping an hour ago and snapped my headphones on. Thought I’d share one band in particular with you: The Rural Alberta Advantage.

This one’s called Frank, AB:

And this one’s called Edmonton:

Leave it to a bunch of Albertans living in Toronto to make me wax post-nostalgic for our time in Montreal from where Hanne and I would think about all the good bits of our hometown. And sure, now we’re back and there are… good bits. North America’s northern-most city will have an unseasonable high of plus-11 C today. The past few days have been/will be a brief respite from the cold — these  few days count as a good bit of a long brutal Edmonton winter. A spring-tease before we’re plunged back  far under zero until April. Or will it be May? Winter here seems both colder and longer than I remembered…