Today is not an exciting day, but it is a big one. I’ve got 50 papers to grade (hooray for my MA, side projects, and profs desperate for grading help), a birthday cake to bake (Happy Birthday, Steven!), and of course, blogging to do. We’re almost through NaBloPoMo!

I thought I’d start with breakfast today (start blogging, not start eating. I eat breakfast every morning. I am obsessed with food after all, and NEVER miss a reason to eat). Please excuse the glamour photo. Given that I started my day with papers, I thought it would be appropriate to photograph my eggs with  one of those essays. But then I realized that I didn’t want you to be able to read any students’ work, so I soft-focussed it. Of course, these eggs deserve a glamour shot. That’s home-smoked salmon perched on top of soft, silky, creamy, slow-cooked scrambled eggs. Isn’t that salmon a beautiful colour? My dad just bought a smoker, so that salmon was part of Thanksgiving dinner last night. Thank goodness there were leftovers. We smuggled home two big chunks. It’s salty and smoky and sweet, and I can’t wait to go over my my parents’ again. I was thinking maybe smoked tofu would be a worthy smoker experiment. What do you think? Anything else I NEED to try?

As far as the eggs go, I cooked them over low heat for about 10 minutes. As I was beating them with a fork, I thought “you know, this breakfast is going to be pretty virtuous.” So I added a couple tablespoons of cream. And there you go! Breakfast to go with “”Great Expectations” by Charles Dickens, which is a good example of a Bildungsroman. Bildungsroman is defined as….”