After coming home from the gym (Tip: procrastinating by doing virtuous things makes you feel better), I broke out the leftovers. Turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce. Now, I’m not one for gussying up turkey leftovers. I like my leftovers to be a continuation of the feast, a little echo of the day before. So I piled a mound of stuffing, topped it with turkey, then microwaved. I finished it with a dollop of cranberry.

Almost as good as yesterday! The secret to my mom’s stuffing is home-made whole-wheat bread. Seriously. Real bread makes all the difference, but I think part of the secret is the whole wheat, which adds some extra depth and nuttiness to the flavour. I suppose this secret is a day late. Ah well. Keep it in mind for next stuffing-required celebration.

I know the photo’s not beautiful, but hey. Neither was the real thing. Didn’t make it any less delicious.