We’re spying on you. Our last clementine box hack, where I used the box to ripen green tomatoes, got attention from those of you who, like me, feel bad throwing away these sturdy little cartons. When the snow comes citrus fruits come into season. Clementines and mandarins become fruit’s front line, stacked up like ammo boxes at the entrances of supermarkets.

When clementines get cheap, Hanne and I consume them at a ridiculously rapid rate. I stash the empty boxes under the kitchen sink until spring when Hanne tells me I have to throw them out. But until then they sit, accumulating, waiting for inspiration that will make them suddenly useful.

Here’s one I came up with last year that helps keep our “everything” drawer in order. Instead of all the small miscellaneous kitchen tools getting sifted down to the bottom or bullied to the back of the drawer, the clementine box keeps them hemmed in and easy to find.

To save you from going google-y eyed, here’s a list of relevant resources that the search term “clementine box use” turned up, including SiS’s last super fantastic invention at number 6: